“Uplifting human dignity since 1992”


Promote protection, development, and participation of the children through formal and informal initiations


Build a strong cross-cultural human economy and social solidarity within and cross-border for a more dignified migration.


Responding to disasters and emergencies, AND participate in extensive community development.

Jcycn’s Campaign

Ensure Safety of Migrant Returnees

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Story of Change

Living with Hope

Many school going children are out of school and child marriage is highly prevails in the Karumarang village in remote Rasuwa. Women including young mothers suffer a lot especially due to the early birth and by using contraceptives. The village looks like as if it is at the early stage of development and is inhabited by only Tamang ethnic people. RojinaTamang is one among them. Can anyone imagine how would have been the situation of young Rojina when she had to give birth to a child at the age of 15 where there was not even a basic health facility? Mentally and physically immature Rojina has already become mother of four at the age of 24 by now. More hardship has befallen to young mother of two with seven months old lap baby when devastating earthquake stroked in 2015. Entire village was destroyed including a primary school where the eldest child of Rojina used to study. More than half of the villagers set up displaced camp in another village leaving behind all their ancestral properties. Small barren land the villagers had, remained unploughed for years. The story does not end...

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